Brandon K. Markham (born Jul. 1, 1990) is an avid reader, aspirant Epic Fantasy writer, and aspirant Academic Fantasist. He was born in South Los Angeles, California, and was raised their until the age of ten, where he moved to Fontana, California. Life would not be the same after reaching twelve years of age.
He moved to Arizona at the age of fourteen and developed a love for the hot, arid, and enviromentally diverse desert. He found his love for writing at the age of fifteen and discovered Robert Jordan at seventeen (and thanks God everyday that I never read Tolkien, really).
Markham writes both Science Fiction and Fantasy, and is taking a part in the New Weird movement that aspires to move Fantasy away from Tolkienesque and "Neo Tolkien" Fantasy. Though aspirant, his writing has been critically acclaimed by both World Fantasy award-winning author Nalo Hopkinson and author Yoon Ha Lee.
Markham is also a proud member of the United States Navy, is currently living in Japan, and is making no money whatsoever as a professional World of Warcraft gamer. My influences include Nnedi Okorafor, Yoon Ha Lee, The goal of the New Weird,and other authors.