-The Rest of the World- *finished*

Epic Fantasy. A duelist goes to the Rock of Lies to speak with a witch on the fate of humanity, both options bring death however. But a choice still hangs in the air.Read it here!

-The Broken Prince- *First Draft Completed*

Alternate History Science Fantasy. Cross and in the man-wastes of Dhulin Karad lie the Sphere. Here, the Prince sees.

-Love of the Spirits-

Closer and closer the soldiers came to my mother. The auraaround her glowed brightly, meaning to kill them all, but shewould die before that happened. And then Zula…my love. I lovethem both. The Spirits forgive my crime and witness to mytounge, I do! Flash Fiction. Fantasy. Read it here!

-Per Ventus, Vestrum-

Fantasy. Poetry. To the Blue Sky, to the one who I will find. Pre-dedicated. Read it here!

-Seven Bloody Skies- (Current)

Epic Fantasy. A Sky Pirate thinks of himself as a reincarnated messianic War God though he struggles to keep his mortal memories in the back of his mind.