Jun 15, 2010

Damn Eclipse

I commend Stephenie Meyer. I hate the way she writes, I hate her characters, and I hate generally Twilight...but she draws in a vast audience. Im always into Fantasy, Epics, so this plays the hugest role in why do not like the series...but what I DO like about it, is, like I said, Meyer's ability to tease teenagers' curiosity by asking the fictional age old question, "What If I dated a Vampire?", and mixing in the forbidden love plot piece to have them say "Oh, I want to do this!". Any piece of fiction that makes you think "I wish I could do what the characters do in the books/movies/etc." is gold. (Thats the only time Im going to defend Twilight). we have all wanted to channel the One Power and be able to touch the True Source. well, maybe not that, but we all certaintly wanted to be a Jedi. Shoot, I still do!
Wow...originally I was gonna blog about my pure hatred for the series, only to talk about what Twilight does right. Sure, the first paragraph led me a headache(how I finished the book still amazes me. Book one I mean), and I dont really like the characters(I do think Alice is pretty hot and has a good skill), but Stephanie Meyer does something that authors rarely do: many of my friend who are women want to date a vampire. Gold.

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Deborah said...

Not to mention how *fun* it is to see that she's sold over 100 million copies... so far. As writers we celebrate her success? It's that Karma thing.