Mar 4, 2011

Aaaaaand THIS is why Fantasy is Conservative!!!

Looking at Mark Charan Newton's website, I've found a wonderful discussion on race aand sexual preference in Fantasy fiction found here and I've even made a comment here Have you ever considered to wonder why Fantasy is always the same? As an African-American, I believe that writers are too afraid to write a black man or a gay man only because the characters do not fit into the "Traditional" Fantasy, thought traditions is what is hindering writers and readers to fully grasp the potential of Epic Fantasy. Think about it, how many Mexicans do you see in Fantasy fiction including Earthsea's Ged? Besides of Charles R. Saunders Imaro or Black Charlton's Nicodemus, how many black characters can you really think of that take the position of primary character, or better yet, the chosen one? Besides from Robert Jordan and Saladin Ahmed, how many Arabics in Fantasy ARE NOT the enemy race? I guess I can throw in the Parshendi too.
I don't make these topics too piss people off, I just want to change my genre to something EVERYBODY can enjoy.

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