Mar 19, 2011

The Fantastic Bible! or The First Epic

You know, it's funny how I even stumbled on this topic. The other day, I saw someone posted a comment on an authors blog (no link as to protect the commentor's identity)stating that there was nothing fantastic in the bible. As furious as I was, instead, I want to make a few comments on my own, on how I believe that the Bible was the first Epic. From the creation of the Earth in Genesis to the final battle between Godd and Evil in Revelations, the stories in between resonate a sense of Epic Fantasy that we are all aware of. I wonder how many other people see the Bible the way I see it.
Let us take the story of Moses, the begginings of Exodus. The parting if the Red Sea, dividing the sea into two parts? Hail falling towards Egpyt with flames running on them? And how about when God, through Moses, cause darkness to thicken in Egypt, to the point where no one could see. Let us see the Leviathan, described as a dragon breathing fire yet under the sea in the Book of Job. Let us see the story of two mothers and one child. The child is someone's child, yet both claim it, so the person they go to, the king, decides to cleave the child in half, giving each half to the mothers, but the true mother tells the king that the false one can have her child, thus winning the child back in the end. Let us see Moses battlig Giants in Exodus. Let us see Jesus Christ, saving the entire world, Rand al'Thor based on Jesus Christ.
Even Athiests who read Fantasy must agree with the Fantastic presented to us in this huge 66 book Epic. Though, we have more stories in the Bible than those great ones I mentioned. We have Deborah who judged the world, Jesus calming a storm with his mouth. The Bible is truly an Epic in it's own class. No wonder why 2.1 billion people worldwide have fallen in love with God's Epic.

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