May 24, 2012

My First Book: Aspects of Strange Sorceries

  Writing is no easy art. Any author can tell you this. It takes years of practice to hone and perfect the art, yet even with that, we are still practicing. This is what I hope to accomplish with my first book, a small short story collection to display my talents, to really see if I have really improved. I believe so.
  Aspects of Strange Sorceries, the title of my book, will contain five short stories never read before by anyone(with the exceptions of my beta-readers, thanks guys), all which will will include an introduction by me, the stories `The Gods' Black Market`, `Ten's War`, `Night of Thieves`, `The Underground Dirigible`, and `My Wife, The Kingslayer`.
  I am excited to have announced this, yet the date is not set. But the book inches closer to completion.

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