Dec 4, 2012

GW2 is THE SHIT!!!!

I told myself yesterday that I'd be going to bed a bit early. Then I started playing THIS baby:
GUILD WARS 2!! As a former WoW crack addict when it came to PvP, The team of GW2 boasted how it's sequel will have other MMOers judging other MMOs (my interpretation of that, namely, WoW), and I have to say, this is one of the best MMORPGs out in the market TODAY(though Runescape still has my heart ;) )
I play as this cool cat right here, the Mesmer profession, doing what I do best, making clones then shattering them for large amounts of damage! Sure, we ain't that powerful up close, but you'll need to be up close if you don't want to die! PvE wise, this is a great support class while simultaenously, with the right build, can build up to large DPS over a (short) period of time! I'm still getting the hang of PvP, but if one of you guys wants to help me out, then shoot me a message or something by e-mail! Another thing I got in the mail is THIS:
Good ol Gorz, and much cheaper than my $50 Gold Edition Black Luster Soldier-Envoy of the Beginning. And with it's effect of summoing a Lv.7 LIGHT-Fairy token, I can think of some devious ideas with the token and not just the card. Which brings up the argument of which is better, Gorz or Tragoedia? Personally, Gorz. I mean, just look at him! Lastly, I also got THIS in the mail yesterday:
The second book of the Quantum Thief trilogy, which is by far, one of THE BEST SCIENCE FICTION SERIES EVER WRITTEN! Following Jean le Flambeur from Book One, The Quantum Thief, he thinks his freedom lies within Schrödinger's Box (a fictional variation of Schrödinger's own paradox theory, "Schrödinger's Cat"), but something is hunting him, Mieli, and the flirtatious AI vessel Perhonen. In the last book, he stole into the land of the dead, battled another version of himself, and swallowed a god to escape prison. If this doesn't ring curiosity, then your a lost cause! This book has tons of paradoxes and interesting workings on quantum mechanics and privacy issues. The Quantum Thief is a relatively cheap book too, and like me, you might have to read it twice! Alrighty then, enough from me, I got to go because I have work tommorow! I had the day off today, sweet! Later!!

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