Sep 29, 2010

The Universal Question Important for the Ways of Life: How do I write?

Well, maybe not universal.
This question I see in two ways.
Q: How do I write?
A1: Well young Padowan/Genin/or whatever noob you are(please don't be offended), you must write! How can you become a better writer if you don't write? Make some time to write everyday, even if it's 30 minutes to an Hour. Write a scene, some lines of dialogue, a description. Look at your room and describe your room, but don't TELL ME what's in your room, SHOW ME.
A2: Read! Most people who have told me I must read to be a better writer never told me the simpler way of saying it(though now I think about it, it's pretty simple now). When you read other fiction, you are studying how the writer writes. Your eventually going to start writing like the writers you read, but this is okay. I find myself reading Charles Dickens and Yoon Ha Lee more because I love the prose and the poetry-like writing. Every writer is different though! Read the genre of your choice to see the trends of that genre, read non-fiction like history, mythology, the news, etc. to come up with ideas for your story!
You see that reading has a great power over your writing. Also by reading, you learn new words and start to "thin out" what you like to read and by doing this, you start to know who your audience is. Well you guysl till next time.

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