Dec 4, 2010

New Website and New News!

Well, I haven't done a post on here in ages! I've been busy trying to construct the website (to tell the truth, I still am^-^). Now you guys can connect to my Facebook, Twitter, and/or MySpace pages (I'm going to get one for GoodReads after I post this). I still need a banner, so if anyone can make one, or knows how to make one, drop me an email!
So, I have some great things for you guys. Number one, as of yesterday, I get the privelage and oppurtunity to critique a new novel from famed Fantasy and Science Fiction author David Farland(Wolverton is his real last name). Dave has been hailed as "a wizard at storytelling..."(Publisher's Weekly). He teaches writing techniques and how to write by offering classes and his Death Camp(for thse who are super-serious about the craft) has given rise to such writing superstars like Brandon Sanderson(Mistborn Trilogy, Co-Author of The Wheel of Time, The Stormlight Archive) and Stephanie Meyer(Twilight Saga, The Host). Also, he is one of the Judges for the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest. So, reading this is a great oppurtunity. You can visit his websitehere.
Also, a few weeks ago, I suggested to theThe Black Science Fiction Society, which is a website dedicated to Black Speculative Fiction(Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror), Black Comics and more, that they should have a magazine. Well, that one suggestion started a flurry of responses. So, now the website is going to have a magazine, and I'm shooting for either Editor or Slush-Reader.
I love Yoon Ha Lee, and for a few weeks now, I've been waiting for her story "The Winged Story" (and ket me say, she sucks at updating her website. ^-^). Well, it's here, finally, and speaking of short stories, I came accross one from Beneath Ceaseless Skies and found this cool and thought provoking story by Matthew Kressel.
With everything underway, I'll be pretty busy, and I love being busy, and you guys should really check out these badass stories!

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