Mar 26, 2011

A Review: Sucker Punch's a Sucker

When I first saw the trailers to this Epic Fantasy/Action-adventure film, needless to say, I was stoked. The magic of the world of Sucker Punch is purely escapism from a harsh world to one(s) even deadlier.
We have a nameless character only named "Babydoll" as she is sent to a mental institute for girls by her foster father. There, she works at the institute's theatre where men with high money come in and pay for a dancing show with one of the girls. It is also here, that Babydoll and 4 others, make plans of escape by exploiting Babydoll's ability to cross into her dreamworld.
Now, the reason why I give the title "Sucker Punch is a Sucker" is not because it is a bad film, but because I'd would rather have rented it.
I felt that the movie became repetitive with its use of magic and that there was virtually no plot. A few twists here and there, but some are predictable and while the action scenes are engrossing, our heroines are scantily dressed, provoking a healthy dose of sexism in the film. But then again, it may promote feminism, as the heroines fight against men who exude lust and adultery. A matter of debate, this film can be.
So, if your a fan of giant samurai weilding naginatas and rail guns, or a mecha battling zepplins and zombies, then you'll love this film, over and over. But if your the fantasist looking for something philosophical and true to the real world, then, I would say, look elsewhere as *that* theme is clearly expressed in the commercials.
But I was pleased.

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