Apr 5, 2011

PUBLIC NOTICE: Boot Camp and "Limitless" Review

Last saturday, my sister and I went to the Arclight in Manhattan Beach to go and see "Limitless", a new movie out, based on the novel "The Dark Fields". Wikipedia classes the film as a Techno-Thriller, but I see it as Science Fiction. I was hoping that this movie would make-up what expectations I had for "Sucker Punch".
My God, the movie was awesome.
Imagine your Edward Morra, a deadbeat, near-homeless, behind on his rent kind of guy. Oh, he's also an author and yes, as the cliche goes, he needs to finish his book and the deadline just looms around the corner. And if you have not guessed it, his ex-wife broke up with him prior to the film's beginning. Sounds like a boring flick, right?
Nope. What would happen if your ex-wife's brother-in-law gives you a pill which greatly sharpens your learning ability, focus, and brings to memory things you have forgotten for a day?
Then we get Edward Morra, "Limitless" as I believe he is. Soon, you will forget the plot, though important, but you will focus on Edward's climb into the corporal world, his vast intellegence, and how the newspapers are naming him "The Prophet" and some as far as saying he is God. But soon, Morra faces the side-effects of the pills, and soon finds out that their are other "Limitless" out in the world.
The movie is a bit small in scope, but it is political and character-driven, and shows us how much a drug can affect one's life. Oh yeah, the ending was pretty sick too.
I'd go see the movie the minute you are done with this post. I'd rent it if you can't see it. Edward Morra is worth watching, again and again.

And finally, to this end, this will be my last post until two months go by. To readers and followers of my blog, I will be shipping out to Recruit Traning Command (aka Boot Camp) for the next 8 weeks this Wednesday, but I'm leaving the house today and spending the night at a hotel, paid for by the military. It'll be a bit strange not updating the site, but I think I'll have some great posts when I get back :)

Till Then.

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Christopher Kastensmidt said...

Good luck at boot camp! Try to come back in one piece. ;)