Dec 10, 2011

Sometimes, Instant Hits just suck.

I know, I know. This site hasn't been loved in quite some time. I mean, look how long ago the last post was! Sheesh. I'm sorry, especially to the people who DO follow this site/blog. But I'm back now, hopefully with the same daily posts I've been bringing, and it seems that their was a lot, A LOT of things that went down in the Fantasy genre that I never knew about. First, I have just found out some terrible news that my favorite Fantasy Cover Artisit, Darrel K. Sweet, has died. I first found out about him as I followed The Wheel of Time series which were the first few books Im have ever read. The artwork amazes me every time, just take a look at a few of his artwork:
Me personally, I think that Sweet topples most Cover Artists, even Frank Frazetta and Michael Whelan, but this is just my opinion. I have loved his artwork for years, and I have always looked into it when I needed inspiration for my own short works...he WILL be missed. So, I knew Brandon Sanderson was coming out with his Mistborn novella, but I didn't know he was coming out with a literary tie-in to Infinity Blade!!!! WHOA!!! I downloaded both the game and book to my iTouch, and both are quite pleasing!! Why don't you check out the sequel right here! Well, thats just a few things I can think about right now, so I'll just leave this post as is. YES, I am still writing and seeking publishing, and I have a great feeling that this will happen in the nearby future, sometime soon. Till next time fellow readers, have a great day and night!

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