Sep 21, 2010

Unfinished Novel of King's Diary

Who knows, maybe I'll finish it one day. This was an Epic Fantasy novel idea that I started. I had Magic and Politics play a HUGE role and the characters who are hurt. Also, I had nearly all the main characters related one way or the other. It was like A Song of Ice and Fire met Elantris. Haha, here is the unfinished novel. I wrote this BEFORE Stormwizard

King’s Diary
Written by Brandon K. Markham

“On that night, so many years ago, I should have never committed such a Sin. Now I will die because of it, a punishment that is light on my sentence. All I can ask for is…forgiveness.”
-Unknown Entry


Darkness shrouded the manor, but it did not matter to Simon. He could see like an owl, and move like a mouse, quick and quiet, turning here and their, making sure that no guard caught his movement. He had already dispatched three, but their bodies were hidden well. This job was too easy, kill a witch the King asked, she would be in her manor, sacrificing to her pagan God. She was not the first to be accused either, as the order came to round up all the women in Bezekten less than a day ago. However, Simon could not help but wonder. Why would the King want to kill this particular person? Simon stopped in front of an iron door. All the other doors were crafted from fine wood, so…why this iron one? Simon planted an ear to the door, and voices could be heard from the other side. It sounded like two people talking, a man and a woman.
“…when…okay…but…okay…” Simon heard a heavy voice through the door. This has to be the man.
“No doubts…you must…” This tone was heavier than the first. Why did one of the voices sound like a woman?
“Tonight…will do…yes, Lady Mekasef”
Mekasef. The King’s target was behind this door. All Simon had to do was-
“Wait a second” The voice was loud and clear, as if the iron door was thin. The door warmed against Simon’s ear, Simon twitching in response, then jumped when it was burning. Suddenly, a bright orange circle was made in the middle of the door, and the iron began to open itself, expanding, and silver liquid falling towards the floor. On the other side of this newly fashioned hole, a woman with lustrous red hair and arcane symbols on her extravagant face, caught Simon’s eyes with her own azure ones.
“I knew you would come, Assassin.” She spoke. Soon, the hallway in which Simon was in was chilly. He realized that a window had been opened on the other side. “If you were looking for Mekasef, then you have found her.” This was it. Simon was going to get the job done and quick. Mekasef began to move, but was stopped by Simon’s pinning throwing knives that he flashed. Mekasef was stuck on the chair that she sat on. Her face was a bit harder, but it did not catch his eyes. “What, your going to have your way with me first, then take me to the King?” Simon gave her a perplexed look, and after breathing heavily, began to speak.
“I’m not like that, I just don’t want to deal with Magick.”

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